The Bombardier Global 6000

Cutting-edge technology. Ultra-long range. Record-breaking speed. One of the most luxurious cabins in the world. Own one of the most prestigious aircraft in the sky.


The highest wing loading capacity in class ensures you will have a smooth ride, even in turbulent conditions.


This aircraft has the widest cabin in its class with more room than its nearest competitor, delivering maximum comfort and an exceptional cabin experience.


Do more with the record setting aircraft capable of flying from New Delhi to Miami and offering the best combination of speed, range, field performance and ride quality.

Safest Access
To Baggage

What you need, when you need it: safely retrieve your personal items from the luggage compartment throughout the flight.


Available Ka-band technology will keep you connected at all times.

This is how exceptional feels

Every detail in the Global 6000 aircraft cabin has been carefully designed to bring you the smoothest, most refreshing, and productive experience you can expect from a business jet.

Expand your personal space

Offering more room than its nearest competitor, this aircraft delivers maximum comfort.

Premier Comfort

With outstanding width, higher armrests and an impeccably shaped backrest, the new seats allow passengers to enjoy a delightful and inviting experience, ideally suited to long distance travel. Whether you wish to work, rest or play, time will simply fly by as you sit back in this exceptional interior.

Control At Your Fingertips

Access key cabin controls in a single click and navigate the new app to intuitively control the cabin. Thanks to a simple layout and an intuitive iconography, changing the cabin settings or media selections is remarkably easy.

An exceptional cabin experience

Upon entering the large, reimagined cabin, discover available hardwood flooring in the galley, seats sculpted to welcome the human body and elegantly redefined lines which all come together to create an aesthetic masterpiece.

Your media centre in the sky

Anything is possible with the most comprehensive cabin management system. Ultra-fast, reliable, intuitive and featuring a large media bay, it offers you the possibility to wirelessly watch movies, mirror live streaming or display documents onto the largest high definition TV monitors in its class.

Seamless connectivity

You can pair up your favorite mobile device (iOS and Android) with ease and place it on the universal tablet holder to seamlessly control the cabin experience from your seat. The large and ventilated media bay has all the options required to connect current and future electronic devices, such as the Apple TV™, Chromecast™, Blu-ray DVD players or SonyTM Playstation 4™.

Always connected

With the fastest available in-flight internet connectivity worldwide* based on Ka-band technology, travelling will never again stop you from video conferencing, live streaming or even online gaming. For work or play – you’re always connected.With multiple data package options available, clients can select the right speed for their needs. Passengers will be as productive in-flight as in the office and free to enjoy their favourite entertainment seamlessly.

A galley equipped to please

The large fully-equipped galley, with its substantial storage capacity and extensive work surfaces elevates your comfort experience with its greater meal capabilities. The galley is intelligently set between the cockpit and main cabin areas, for further passenger privacy.

A quiet stateroom of elegance

The aft stateroom adds a sense of tranquility with its large windows infusing the luxurious space with light. The stateroom full-berthing divan, spacious wardrobe, independent temperature control, and lavatory area unit offer you maximum comfort.


Ka-band is unbeatable in terms of speed (up to 15 Mbps or close to 5 times faster than legacy air-to-ground systems), coverage and reliability, and to illustrate this confidence in the service, Ka-band is backed by performance commitments offered by the leading service providers.

What you need when you need it

Access what you require, as required. With the high-capacity luggage compartment safely accessible throughout the flight, your personal items are always within reach.

Your crew at their best

The crew can take advantage of the dedicated rest area, added to expand the aircraft’s operational reach and ensure everyone can work at their best.

Forget you’re flying

The advanced wing technology is the key to enjoying a smooth ride, and possibly the best night’s sleep you will ever have on a business aircraft.

Advanced soundproofing materials with proprietary interior and exterior design techniques contribute to lowest-in-class sound levels.

Dubai to Tokyo

The Global 6000 is the largest private aircraft from Dubai to Tokyo non-stop thanks to its steep approach certification and formidable performance.

Performance creates possibilities

Challenging airfields don’t pose a problem. With its advanced wing design, the Global 6000 aircraft is capable of flying fast, but also offers approach speeds necessary to access short airfields.